Adding Attendees to an Invite Through MS Forms Without Sending an Update

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Hello All - 


I put together a Power Automate Flow where the submitter can choose from a list of events in a MS Form. After the form is submitted, the submitter is added to all of the calendar invites that they chose in the MS Forms list. The problem is, every time someone submits a form, everyone who submitted the form before them, receive an updated calendar invite. 

I've tried to add recipients to the 'Required', 'Optional', and 'Resource' fields. They all send updates to all attendees. Anyone have any advice on how to stop Outlook from sending updates to all attendees? 

Here is my flow:



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Hi Julian, thanks for your contribution. When I click on the link above I get the following message :

You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.

Is that expected? Thanks in advance for your help!