Microsoft Learn: Four key features to help expand your knowledge and advance your career
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As a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), I can say from experience that if you want to improve your skills, expand your knowledge, and advance your career, Microsoft Learn can be an essential resource for you. This family of skill-building offerings brings together all Microsoft technical content, learning tools, and resources, providing practical learning materials both for professionals and beginners. Among the many features that Microsoft Learn offers, four of my favourites are collections, career path training, Practice Assessments, and exam prep videos.


1. Collections

Collections let you customise your own learning journey. Often you come across something on Microsoft Learn that's interesting, and you want to save it for later. This is where collections come in handy. Collections let you organise and group content on Microsoft Learn—whether it's a module about a particular topic, a learning path, or an article with technical documentation. You can even share your collections via a link with others.


I frequently create collections to keep track of all the content that will be useful in preparing for a Microsoft Certification exam. This might include the official learning path, along with any extra documentation that could help during exam prep. To place a module or learning path into a collection, from the Training tab, on the content of interest, select Add. You can revisit collections from your Microsoft Learn profile.


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The Add button on a Microsoft Learn training module.


2. Career path training

As you may have already discovered, one of the challenges to learning new technologies is finding the right resources for your skill-building needs. Perhaps you’re not sure where to begin your learning journey. I’ve found that a good starting point is to explore learning content based on your career path or on one that interests you. You can find this option on the Microsoft Learn Training tab, and it points you to a collection of modules, learning paths, and certifications that are relevant and tailored to your chosen job role. Whether you want to become a business user, a data scientist, a solutions architect, a security engineer, or a functional consultant, you can find the appropriate learning content for your role and level of expertise. Plus, with career path training, you can learn at your own pace, gain practical experience, and validate your skills with Microsoft Certifications.


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Career path collection options on Microsoft Learn.


3. Practice Assessments

If you’re preparing to earn a Microsoft Certification, you can get an idea of what to expect before you take the associated exam by trying a Practice Assessment. This option is available for some certifications and is a great way to gauge the topics you’re strong in and the ones for which you could use more practice. They help you build confidence by giving you a feel for the types of questions, style of wording, and level of difficulty you might encounter during the actual exam.


Rishona 3.png

Sample Practice Assessment questions.


If your certification exam has a Practice Assessment available, it’s listed on the Microsoft Learn exam page, under Schedule exam. Just select Take a free practice assessment.


4. Exam prep videos

Other valuable Microsoft Learn resources to help you get ready for earning a Microsoft Certification are exam prep videos, available for some certifications. These videos are designed to help you review the key concepts and skills that are covered on the exam and to provide tips and tricks on how to approach the questions. They offer an engaging way to absorb essential knowledge and skills, making it easier to grasp technical concepts and their practical applications. The videos, hosted by industry experts, provide a structured, guided approach to the exam topics.


These exam prep videos complement your other Microsoft Learn study materials. Even if you consider yourself an expert on a topic, the videos are a good way to refresh your memory before exam day. To browse through available exam prep videos, check out the Microsoft Learn Exam Readiness Zone and search for your topic of interest or exam number, or even filter by product.


Share your favourite Microsoft Learn features

Creating your own collections of content, exploring new career paths, or preparing to earn Microsoft Certifications by taking Practice Assessments or watching exam prep videos are just some of the ways that Microsoft Learn can help you achieve your skill-building and certification goals, and they’re some of my favourite features in Microsoft Learn. What are your favourites? Share your top picks with us, and help others on their learning journeys.


Meet Rishona Elijah, Microsoft Learn expert 

Rishona Elijah is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Business Applications and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). She works as a Trainer & Evangelist at Microsoft Partner Barhead Solutions, based in Australia. She is also a LinkedIn Learning instructor for Microsoft Power Platform certifications. Rishona has trained thousands of individuals on Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365, delivering impactful training sessions that empower them to use the no-code/low-code technology to build their own apps, chatbots, workflows, and dashboards. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and ideas on her blog, Rishona Elijah, in addition to speaking at community conferences and user groups.


“Power Platform with Rishona Elijah” is a Microsoft learning room that provides a supportive and encouraging environment for people starting their Microsoft Power Platform journey. The room offers assistance and guidance on Microsoft Power Platform topics, including certifications, Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, Power Automate, and AI Builder. It’s also a great space to network with like-minded peers and to celebrate your success along the way. Sign up for the “Power Platform with Rishona Elijah” learning room.


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