Conditional Access - Require multi-factor authentication

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I have a conditional access policy set to Grant with MFA (among others) - but how often is the MFA challenged? It's not on each login - so it once a day or just once?







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Check the MFA Settings page to see if you have the 'remember device' checkbox set.


Thanks, it's set to 7 days.


Suppose Let's say I have configured the conditional access policy for Android Devices and I have targeted the Client Apps (Exchange Online, OneDrive, Teams, Yammer and Skype) and I have also enabled the option to mark the device as a trusted device so that it shouldn't come with the token (MFA) for each applications. I want to know for Android Devices whether the option comes for "don't ask me again for x days" when we configure for One Time Password and MFA for one Application. As I couldn't able to see this option coming in android devices and it keeps prompting code for other applications as well. Kindly see the screenshot for the same. This I have tested for Windows Devices, iOS devices and it is smoothly working without asking any MFA for other apps. 

please post this as a new thread
I have posted with a new thread. Kindly help it out as the customer is chasing to know about this query and whether it really works with Android Devices or not.