What’s new in Microsoft Intune (2308) August edition
Published Aug 24 2023 09:00 AM 13.3K Views

We're adding a variety of new capabilities with Intune’s August (2308) service release. In an important development for frontline workers to help resolve device issues faster and more efficiently, Remote Help for Android is now available. We’ve also expanded our analytical AI offerings. You’ll find settings insights that offer valuable information on configurations used successfully by other organizations. You can also utilize anomaly detection device cohorts to more proactively improve user experiences. Finally, we’ve also released a new device attestation solution jointly developed with Samsung that offers extra protection for Samsung devices.

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Remote Help for Android

Remote Help for Android empowers IT admins to support frontline workers’ Android Enterprise dedicated devices from anywhere in real time. This Intune Suite capability can resolve issues quickly, reducing downtime and boosting worker productivity. This feature also offers an enhanced level of control and insight, allowing admins to manage endpoints better.

With Remote Help for Android, you can unlock and control devices for faster fixes, even when the devices are unattended. Role-based access enables admins to assign appropriate levels of control for helpdesk workers. Session reporting and audit logs offer insights to help organizations identify trends, know when to update devices, and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

To learn more, check out our session on Remote Help for Android from the Intune Suite Tech Accelerator. And take a look at these articles: Remote Help for Android and Intune helps frontline workers.

Settings insights make administration easier

The Settings insight capability helps both IT generalists and specialists have more confidence in their security baseline settings. This feature, powered by a machine learning model, offers valuable information on configurations successfully adopted by similar organizations. Admins can use these insights to implement a higher level of device protection for the organization and a smoother Intune onboarding experience.

Settings insights are easy to create and edit, as demonstrated below:

Screenshot of creating a profile in the Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise Security Baseline menu, and all options in the Configuration settings step are enabledScreenshot of creating a profile in the Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise Security Baseline menu, and all options in the Configuration settings step are enabled

To learn more about how to use settings insights, see our documentation.

Introducing anomaly detection device cohorts to improve the user experience

We’re also introducing anomaly detection device cohorts, an enhancement to advanced Endpoint analytics. This Intune Suite capability enables IT admins to discover meaningful patterns among identified anomalous devices, which can include app-based, device-based, or blue screen anomalies. Use this feature to identify devices "at risk" in those cohorts and proactively take steps to improve the user experience. To learn more, see Anomaly detection in Endpoint analytics.

Samsung Galaxy mobile device attestation for stronger security

We’ve released a new device attestation solution created in collaboration with Samsung. It offers organizations an extra layer of mobile protection while providing employees the flexibility to operate their Samsung Galaxy devices for work and personal use.

The on-device, mobile hardware-backed device attestation solution helps organizations by providing verifiable health checks even when a device isn’t connected to a network. This allows Intune to block access to company resources if needed. Additionally, this eliminates latency issues and allows access control decisions to be made in real time for stronger security.

The solution is available for Intune mobile application management (MAM) protected applications for personal and company-owned Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, including devices secured by Knox with Android 10 operating system or later.

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