Search Microsoft Teams or Yammer chats with MS Graph Search API

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ich bin gerade in das Thema "Microsoft Search" eingestiegen, was von ebenfalls verwendet wird um Daten aus dem Unternehmen anzuzeigen. Ich habe bereits gelesen, dass die Informationen über MS Graph Search bezogen werden. Die Aufrufe dorthin gaben bisher aber lediglich folgende Ergebnisse:

Emails, Kalendereinträge und Dateien aus SharePoint/OneDrive


Ist es möglich mit der jetzigen in der Beta befindlichen MS Graph Search auch Ergebnisse von Teams und Yammer abzurufen? Falls ja, wäre ich für ein Beispiel sehr dankbar.


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Hi there...


i just got into the topic "Microsoft Search", which is also used by to display data from the company. I have already read that the information is obtained via MS Graph Search. But the calls to this site only gave the following results so far:

Emails, calendar entries and files from SharePoint/OneDrive


Is it possible to retrieve results from Teams and Yammer with the current MS Graph Search, which is in beta? If so, I would be very grateful for an example.


Many greetings


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@DierkC Not currently, but more item types will be added over time. We will share timelines when we get closer to serve these items.

@Mikael Svenson Ok... thank you very much for your answer. Is there any other way to search data from MS Teams besides using the MS Graph API?