Having an issue with the Microsoft Graph and OneNote

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I was hoping to find some support about an issue I'm experiencing with the Microsoft Graph and OneNote: I'm fetching OneNote pages from a specific section in a notebook, and the API is returning very different results across multiple calls to the API.


I could reproduce this behavior using the Graph Explorer and also in my app that is accessing Microsoft Graph via OAuth 2.0.


If anybody want to have a look I've made a demo here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AnH6AX_OS5WpkdojKbLXW2WleXAX_w?e=fVdNnn 

I don't think this is a permission issue, FYI i've requested the following scopes: 

- Notes.Create
- Notes.Read
- Notes.ReadWrite.All
- Notes.ReadWrite.CreatedByApp
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