Docx to PDF conversion using Sharepoint Site and Microsoft Graph APIs

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I've come across a particular use case that requires converting docx files to PDF format without compromising the file's layout or structure. Despite trying various third-party tools, I've encountered difficulties in preserving the document's structure effectively. Interestingly, I've had success using OneDrive for this task.


Given this use case, I'm contemplating whether it would be a suitable approach to create a dedicated SharePoint site for this purpose and employ Microsoft Graph APIs. My plan involves uploading docx files to the SharePoint Site, downloading is as a PDF, and then deleting them from the SharePoint site using Graph APIs to manage the upload, download, and deletion of these files from SharePoint.


What do you think about this approach? Is it advisable to establish a dedicated SharePoint site for this specific task, and would Microsoft Graph APIs be a reliable solution for handling the conversion and file management process? Are there any limitations to this approach?


Additionally, could someone provide guidance on the costs associated with using the Microsoft Graph API and SharePoint Site for this service?

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