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We are using the Workday AD Provisioning tool to get Workday objects into AD which would then be synced to AzureAD and Office365, however none of this seems to work for us, with some incredibly unhelpful error messages, no matter what we try. We've double and triple checked the configuration a few times, including the additional pieces for customers in the European Union, but don't seem to be having much luck. It's definitely authenticating properly, but seems to be having a problem either matching the employees, or deciding what data needs to be written to AD.


We are attempting to sync using the Workday EmployeeID > AD Employee ID as the match attribute and have tried many different attribute sets from very simple (one or two simple strings) to the default ones provided. None of these seems to work, although very very occasionally we will see some joy where it might work for a short time after reinstalling the agent completely. These problems happen whether we are only creating new users, creating or updating users, or just updating them (we don't want to delete!).


This obviously isn't very useful for an ongoing service we'd like to use in production soon. As part of this, we've opened a few support cases with Microsoft over the past month, but haven't managed to get anywhere, does anyone have any advice on things to try?


The agent is running on Server 2016 and the events in AzureAD range from sometimes trying to resync completely every two minutes, to other times showing error messages for syncing every user's data.

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We have seen the same issues with the existing publicly availabe provisioning agent. We are now, after consulting with Microsoft, on a private preview provisioning agent. And this agent is more stable (and has more functions which can be used in expressions, like conflicthandling during creation). 

We are on the same private preview agent and and backend and the stability has improved a lot. Hopefully this agent will become public and GA soon.



I am experiencing issues as well and I am curious to know how I might be able to get the private preview agent? I've had two support cases open with Microsoft and they never mentioned anything about this being an option. They only pointed out that the agent was still in "preview" so there would be bugs. 


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New agent ( is available for download.