PTA + S-SSO + AlternateID: Credentials issue after password change on shared computer

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Dear Community,


We are currently facing an issue after an user password change on a shared computer (VDI). Office 365 ProPlus throws a warning regarding the activation, sometimes when the user does a repair, it works, sometimes, no. If it's failed, the user will keep to get the warning even if the activation is still ongoing (because we are on a shared computer)


We have a workaround to reset some registry key and files to restart the activation process, but we are looking to have a transparent process during the user password change.


We are using the Pass-Through Authentification with Seamless SSO and Alternate Login ID to authenticate users against AzureAD/Local AD.


Did you encounter this issue?


Thanks for your help.




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Dear Community,

Any thoughts about this issue?