Outlook and Password Changes

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Hello! Hoping someone can shed some light on a few questions that have come up during our mail migration.


We're currently set up in a hybrid environment. We have AD Connect setup to sync AD passwords up to O365. Being remote, we currently access our work environment using Citrix. Our issue here is that when we have a user change their password, Outlook will prompt on each Citrix server that they sign into until they've entered it on all servers. I'll list out our environment- hopefully this makes sense. Looking for a way to only enter the password once on one Citrix server and have it replicate to the others (we do use profile management replication).


1. We have roughly 10 servers that a user will be placed onto based on load balancing

2. In Citrix, our Outlook version is 2013 with ADAL enabled in the registry.

3. We do have 2FA enabled for all accounts.

4. If user JohnA signs on to Citrix, the load balancer puts him on Citrix Server 1. He decides to change his password. Outlook prompts him and he puts it in and can work.

5. When JohnA signs on the next day, the load balancer puts him on Citrix Server 2. When he launches O

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Have you checked this? Not sure if it's the setting but worth checking.
Check the section under "Citrix Receiver"

@shehanjp Thanks! Not sure how I missed this reply. Checking it out now.

@shehanjp FYI what ended up fixing this was enabling SSO in AD Connect w/ either password hash or another syncing option. Once I did that, all set.