New Blog | Microsoft Entra announcements and demos at RSAC 2024


By Irina Nechaeva


The Microsoft Entra team is looking forward to connecting with you next week at RSA Conference 2024 (RSAC) from May 6 to 9, 2024, in San Francisco! As we enter the age of AI and there are more identities and access points to protect, identity security has never been more paramount. From protecting workforce and external identities to non-human identities—that outnumber human identities 10 to 1—the task of securing access and the interactions between them requires taking a more comprehensive approach.  


To help customers protect every identity and every access point, I’d like to highlight recent innovations that we’ll be showcasing at this upcoming event: 


  • Expanded passkey support for Microsoft Entra ID  
  • Microsoft Entra ID external authentication methods 
  • Microsoft Entra External ID general availability 
  • Microsoft Entra Permissions Management and Microsoft Defender for Cloud integration general availability 
  • Our vision for cloud access management to strengthen multicloud security 


We will be demonstrating these new innovations and sharing more about how to take a holistic approach to identity and access at RSA Conference 2024 (see the table at the end of this blog for more information). Now, let’s take a closer look at Microsoft Entra innovations that we’ll be showcasing at RSAC. 


Expanded passkey support for Microsoft Entra ID     


In addition to supporting sign-ins via a passkey hosted on a hardware security key, Microsoft Entra ID now includes additional support for device-bound passkeys in the Microsoft Authenticator app on iOS and Android. This will bring strong and convenient authentication to mobile devices for customers with the strictest security requirements. 


A passkey is a strong, phishing-resistant authentication method you can use to sign in to any internet resource that supports the W3C WebAuthN standard. Passkeys represent the continuing evolution of the FIDO2 standard aimed at creating a secure and user friendly passwordless experience for everyone.  


To learn more about using passkeys in the Microsoft Authenticator app, check out this blog.   


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