Microsoft Speaks on Identity, Open Standards, Security and Blockchain at EIC 2018


It was an honor for us to be asked to present at the European Identity Conference (EIC) again this year. The EIC event, hosted by Kuppinger Cole, brings together thought leaders, analysts, executives, and partners to learn about forward-thinking topics in our industry. 


Senior leaders from the Microsoft Identity division spoke on multiple topics including digital transformation for identity, decentralized identities on the blockchain, identity protocols and open standards, and securing identities for customers.


Day 1: The future of Identity on the Blockchain:

  • The Laws of Identity on the Blockchain, Kim Cameron (Watch the video)
  • Decentralized Identity for a Decentralized World, Alex Simons (see attached slides)


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Day 2: Digital Transformation and Security

  • Planning for Tomorrow: Connecting identities for people, processes and things, Joy Chik (Watch the video)
  • Defending your CIAM from Current Threats, Alex Weinert

Day 3: Open Standards and #deathtopasswords

  • Improved Security and User Experience Using Open Standards, Alex Simons
  • Applications on the Edge of the OAuth Standards Wave, Pamela Dingle
  • Deprecating the Password: A Progress Report, Mike Jones