Maximum number of devices per user

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Let's say I have setup following settings.


Azure AD - Users and groups - Device settings
Maximum number of devices per user: 5


Azure Intune - Device enrollment restrictions - Allusers - Device limit

Specify the maximum number of devices a user can enroll: 1


Can I increase the maximum number for a specific user or security group?

In the settings options there is a value called "assigned to = All users" under Device enrollment restrictions. But how can I change the assignment something else, or even better add multiple security groups?




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Try to go on old azure portal (
select Active directory
select your domain
select configure
Find 'Maximum number of devices per user'

No it has the same values as the new Azure portal.
I would prefer to see that there was a powerhell solution for this.

Set-AzureADUser -Identity Fredrik -DeviceLimit 2
Set-IntuneDevice -Group "Grant-high-device-limit" -DeviceLimit 2