Jira Service Management Customer Portal SAML SSO with Azure AD B2C as Identity Provider

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We are trying to implement SAML SSO so that our customers don't need to sign-in in the customer portal. I'm currently testing the setup of SAML in a free trial Jira Service Management I've created (https://yummyteh.atlassian.net) also with a free trial of Atlassian Access.

We've already enabled and setup the SAML configuration under Security tab in Atlassian Admin and also enforced SSO for 1 user in Authentication Policies. We've also created a custom policy in Azure AD B2C that uses SAML2 protocol. This is the link we're using for an Identity Provider initiated SAML sign-in (https://swapoolabsdev.b2clogin.com/swapoolabsdev.onmicrosoft.com/B2C_1A_BASIC_SIGNIN_SAML/generic/lo...)

But when we're trying to sign-in a test account we're getting a 404 to this HTTP request (https://swapoolabsdev.b2clogin.com/swapoolabsdev.onmicrosoft.com/B2C_1A_Basic_SignIn_SAML/client/per...)

This is the documentation we're following (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory-b2c/saml-service-provider?tabs=windows&pivot...). I hope someone can help us, thanks in advance.

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Is there any error message on your page similar to AADB2CXXXX? This can give some lead as where to look further.