Integrate Non Gallery 3rd Party Application with Azure AD

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Hello Team,

We would like to integrate 3 rd party applications with Azure AD and provide SSO for the Azure AD user. The application is not exist in Microsoft Azure AD gallery nor i am developing & also it is not an on premise application. It is an application some body developed and our users need to have access to it. Since we are planning to implement SSO for my users i am looking for a better solution to integrate that app with Azure AD and provide SSO. 


If it is gallery application i could have configured SSO by integrating with Azure AD but it is non gallery application which i don't have control over the code to configure that application.


Can you please suggest the best way. 


Kamalakar K

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Do you know if the application supports claims based authentication at all?

If it does, you could federate with Azure AD instead of integrate.

Main difference is that the 3rd party app wouldn’t have access to your directory, only those claims you choose to send.

Would love to be more of guidance, but it’s difficult to be more specific without knowing more about how the 3rd party app handles authentication/authorization