How to get All Azure AD devices with the column values from the Azure GUI app?

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Trying to extract a list (csv or excel) file for all Azure AD devices with the properties displayed on the Azure Portal (see attached picture)Annotation 2019-11-04 105845.jpg

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@Faiza Qadri 


Are you familiar with Powershell?   Simple option is to run the following in powershell to export all your list


#Connect into Azure AD

Connect-Azure AD 

#Download all Azure AD Device 

Get-AzureADDevice -All $true | export-csv AADDevice.csv




@Sankara_Subramanian Thanks I've run that but still missing the Join Type and Owner columns how do I get those?

Since you seem familiar, I'll refer you to the documentation:

What I like to do when creating a report like this is piping Format-List (FL for short) so I can see what's all the information available to me.

To start: Get-AzureADDevice -Searchstring "YourDeviceName" | Format-List
You can them combine/pipe with others to find what you need.

It looks like there is a specific command to find the owner. If you can't find what you need, you might need to use Graph API to retrieve those.



Get-AzureADDevice will help DeviceTrustType is the column to check in the result


If DeviceTrustType = ServerAd then the device is Hybrid Azure AD joined

If DeviceTrustType = Workplace then the device is Azure AD registered


@Shaik Hameed 


Thank you for this information.  And based on the other responses, I was able to establish counts for each join type:

(Get-AzureADDevice -All $true | Where {$_.DeviceTrustType -eq "ServerAd"}).count

(Get-AzureADDevice -All $true | Where {$_.DeviceTrustType -eq "AzureAd"}).count

(Get-AzureADDevice -All $true | Where {$_.DeviceTrustType -eq "Workplace"}).count

Or combine a couple:

(Get-AzureADDevice -All $true | Where {($_.DeviceTrustType -eq "ServerAd") -or ($_.DeviceTrustType -eq "AzureAd")}).count

Or all Azure AD Devices: 

(Get-AzureADDevice -All $true).count


You can do all this in 1 line using Group-Object. 


Get-AzureADDevice | Group-Object DeviceTrustType | Select-Object Count,Name | Sort-Object Count