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How to export logs that contain name of Conditional Access policies?

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I created new conditional access (CA) policy and set up it as "Report-Only".

Now, I want to see who is affected by this specific policy.

I exported sign-in logs from Azure, but there is no Column (Field) with CA policy name. I can see only CA status (Success, Failure, Not applied), but I don't see what specific policy worked out.

How can I see to which users applied the specific CA policy?

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Hi @xStevex,


You can connect your Azure AD to a Log Analytics Workspace. After the connection is established, you can go to the Azure AD Portal --> All Services --> Azure AD Conditional Access --> Insights and Reporting, here you can see the reports in detail. 


If you have any questions, please let me know.






There is any other possibility to get those data?

I don't have Log Analytics Workspace now and I must configure it. I'm not sure if it is an easy process. Perhaps I need to invite another team to this.

Hi @xStevex,


In my opinion, the Log Analytics Workspace is your best shot. It's easy to set up and very convenient for doing an in-depth analysis of the outcome of your "Report-Only" Conditional Access Policies.


For more information:


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