Enable synchronization of PreferredDataLocation

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I've read up on how to enable this synchronization. But I haven't seen what attribute is recommended in the onprem AD to sync with PreferredDataLocation in Azure AD.


Anyone that has done this have a recommendataion?



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Chosing the attribute is up to you, as there is no "matching" on-premises attribute. The example in the article uses the "c" attribute, which is the the country/region representation based on ISO-3166 (https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#search). You can create a rule based on this attribute, or choose any other single-valued string attribute, for example one of the custom/extension attributes.

Thanks, I think I'm going to use extensionAttribute1 I think it was created from exchange.


I don't see any object with a value in it.



Well extensionattribute1 is already syncing and that exist in Azure AD....

The extension attributes all sync to the corresponding attributes in AAD. This attribute doesn't actually do anything yet.

You can use any attribute from AD which is unused for any other application. I suggest msExchExtensionAttribute16 or 15 attribute from on-prem AD to be synced with Azure AD attribute preferreddatalocation.


Again after confirming with your AD team the attribute is unused by any other application.