Device-based Conditional Access policies for SharePoint are in public preview

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This is really cool!


"Working with the SharePoint team, we’ve created a great new feature in the conditional access experience that I think you’re going to love: the ability to limit a user’s ability to download, print and sync based on the state of their device."

Conditional Access “limited access” policies for SharePoint are in public preview!


There is a useful blog post from the SharePoint Community with even more details including a FAQ:


Device-based Conditional Access Policies Rolling out to First Release for SharePoint and OneDrive


This confirms that an Azure AD Premium (P1) license, as well as Intune licenses, are required to use these new policies.  The Office 365 Tenant must be set up for First Release as well.


As well as this, there is an Office support article - Control access from unmanaged devices.

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Yeap, great stuff but as Vasil would say, tied to Azure AD Premium

I see my secretary has spoken :)


But yes, glad to see yet another one of the cool functionalities we saw at Ignite reaching GA (I still remember the flop with the demo). AAD Premium is a pain, although the value you get is obviously getting better and better.


One thing I've seen asked often and not covered by the above is restricting/conditional access per-SC, though that one will be harder nut to crack.

^-^...Interesting request: restricting/conditional access per-SC. I think this will be the next step, won't be :p