Delegated group management

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hi, i read this can be done with Azure AD but cannot picture how to provide access to the delegated admin - where do they actually go to conduct their group management tasks?



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What exactly are you trying to achieve? Exchange Online has built-in capabilities for self-service group management, the new O365 groups are also self-service. But delegated admin can also mean person from outside of the company...

Hi - to clarify. I want to understand the user experience for an Azure AD Security delegated admin - how and where do they do this? Are you saying that a delegated admin does this in Exchange online or via the Azure portal?

Depends on what you mean. If you are refering to the Azure AD Group self-manage portal, users can access it via or directly via


But the options there are limited to only some tasks and focus mostly on the O365 "modern" groups. Thus, if you are interested in "traditional" DGs management, look at the Exchange tools.

Crucially I missed the word group from above. I am referring to Azure AD Security Groups, and how it actually looks and works for a delegated admin.