Convert Hybrid Azure AD Join Device to Azure AD Join Only

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Hi , We are in Hybrid state ( SCCM+ Intune =CoManaged ) and Hybrid Azure AD Join . Now as next step moving to cloud only , We are moving device from Hybrid to Azure only State . While testing Manually remove a device from  AD domain post reboot noticed that not able to even login with Azure that means loose the complete state ( AD as well as  Azure ) , Login with Local account found with DSREGCMD that device is not attached to any . If I just removed the AD domain why this has removed from  Azure AD Join as well .What is best way to Remove domain join but  keep Azure AD join , Loose Users settings as well.

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When you are in a hybrid state, computers are sync'ed.

That means that when you remove the AD computer on-prem, it's also removed in the cloud.

If you want to change a PC from hybrid to AAD, you need to remove the device from AD and add it to add manually. This will remove the current AD profile



that migration path simply does not exist ... i am also exploring options for the same objective: migrating from hjaad to aad only


the only option you will find in official MS doc is to reset computer, preferably using autopilot - that will allow you to remove admin right if you need so.

Hello, i open back the topic ? 3 years after, is there still no possibility to switch hybrid ad join device to azure ad join? i know that Quest is providing a solution but you have to pay ...