Can I use Azure AD accounts to manage a youtube site

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I know I can use Azure AD to access and mange facebook pages. Can I do the same with a youtube site?


So we can use our business AD accounts to upload videos and use Azure security (MFA, CA, ETC) to security those accounts.


I see YouTube listed as an enterprise app in Azure AD. But doesn't seem to be the same process I've used before. Does anyone have a howto on setting this up?



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Hi @Jason_Benway,


Yes, this is absolutely possible! :)


Add YouTube as an Enterprise App within the Azure AD portal and once created, enable the "Password-based" single sign-on mode.


Assign your user in the normal way, and once they've been added select them in the user list and choose the "Update Credentials" option. Insert the username / password you want to have associated with the user and you're done...


Update Credentials.png

The application will appear in their MyApps portal and when selected the credentials will be automatically inserted.


Hope this helps!





By way of a further follow up, I've written this process up into a blog post for you (and others!). You can read it here:


Hope this helps, feel free to shout if you have any other questions!