Azure AD joined Azure VMs - How to reference Azure AD domain principals in the GUI?

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I have joined an Azure VM to Azure AD and can login as an Azure AD user with the VM Administrator RBAC Role, but another Administrator and a User account (both with the requisite RBAC roles) cannot login - it says that neither of these accounts are allowed for Remote Connections.


When I try and add the accounts to the Remote Desktop Users Group via the Computer Management GUI, I don't seem to be able to reference the AzureAD location (see screenshot for the Anakin user), but I have found that I can add the Azure AD Toni user via the command line successfully and it shows in the GUI:




Why is this, is this expected or indicative of an issue with the Domain Join? How do I reference Azure AD principals in the GUI (presumably this issue will be the same for other tools), as I would much rather be able to do this than need to add via the command line?

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