ADFS to AAD App Migration tool


Are you planning to migrate your applications from ADFS to Azure AD?

The ADFS to AAD App Migration tool will help you in the planning phase and consists of three steps:

:pushpin: Collect
First, we collect the relying party applications from your ADFS server. This is done via a PowerShell module that must run on one of your ADFS server and it writes the configuration of each application to the file system as individual .XML files.

:pushpin: Analyze
Next, our PowerShell module will enumerate through the individual .XML files and check the configuration of various settings. This analysis can be done directly on your primary ADFS server or on a different ADFS server. However, it is necessary for ADFS to be installed to process the configuration.

:pushpin: Report
Finally, we produce an Excel report of your relying party applications that indicates which ones are eligible for migration to Azure AD and which ones are not, along with an explanation of why they cannot be migrated. To generate this report, Excel must be installed on the workstation or server being used.

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