Access across multiple companies without sending invitations

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Hello, my name is Daniel and I'm the service owner for O365 at VMware. I have a use case that I need help with, you may have already seen a email from your colleague on this question. I would like to create a SharePoint site (hosted on vmware domain) that is accessable to everyone at Dell and EMC. What would be the best way to achieve this leveraging Azure B2B? Thanks


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Hi Daniel - with the current capabilities you can add one user from each org that you want to work with as a B2B user in your org and assign them to the guest inviter role.


Now this user can add other users from his organization without their needing to accept invitations.


You can also deploy a self-service sign-up portal for new users to sign-up without anyone needing to add them manually. 


Hope this helps!




In this case, new users in Dell AD, will need to be synced later, right?





Andre - yes you can achieve with Azure AD B2B. Why don't we take this offline so I can walk you through how you can achieve this?

If you don't mind emailing me at - I'll be happy to jump on a skype call to discuss this further.

Thanks Sarat, that would be really helpful. I'll send an invite.