2FA Authentication via Microsoft Authenticator or a Similar App on Windows 10

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Hi, everyone, I hope you all are enjoying your day so far; I would love your help (please indicate which forum to post to if this is not the right place):

I just recently got a new laptop, and I need to get an authenticator program working on my computer that resembles Microsoft Authenticator since obviously Microsoft hasn't released the application for Windows 10 on PC.

Furthermore, I have many accounts in Microsoft Authenticator on my phone; would there be any way to easily migrate these accounts to a trustworthy app on the laptop?

Thank you very much for any help that you can provide ☺️
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why do you think you need an authenticator app on your laptop? You should already have Windows Hello for Business which provides one factor, another factor is provided when you attempt to sign in to an online resource. If you cannot use a phone with an authenticator app, You can get another factor by obtaining a Fido2 key




Choose other authenticator app when you setup MFA options in https://mysignins.microsoft.com

Note: this is NOT an app from Microsoft, it is an open source tool. Please do your due diligence if this meets your reqs.

Okay, thank you very much, Layana; will this automatically take the data that is stored in Microsoft Authenticator and upload it to the WinAuth program?
Dean, thank you for your reply; I actually am a normal consumer without a business account - so, I believe that that won't work.
I don't think so. You will have set it up again.