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First published on CloudBlogs on Dec, 17 2013

Howdy folks,

We’re rapidly closing out the year here in the Active Directory team, but I’ve got one last piece of news to share before we all turn into elves and head out for holiday feasting a little later this week.

A big part of the success of Windows Azure Active Directory is the large and growing number of applications that are integrated with it. So far over 6000 applications are integrated with Windows Azure AD and that number is growing by mulitple hundreds every week. And a LOT of those applications are written using open-source frameworks and technologies.

We want to make it as easy as possible to write apps that integrate with Azure AD, so to help with that we’re going to open source our developer libraries using

This effort is being driven by Brandon Werner a PM in our team working with Microsoft Open Technologies. He's the expert, so I’ve asked him tell you more about it (see his write up below for details).

Have a great holiday season and thanks for everyone’s support this year. We couldn’t make this happen without our amazing and growing group of partners and customers!


Alex Simons (Twitter: Alex_A_Simons)

Director of PM

Active Directory Team


Hi, I’m Brandon Werner, a Program Manager on the Windows Azure Active Directory team.

Windows Azure supports a large and growing number of open-source applications, frameworks and languages, as a result of Microsoft’s collaboration with the open source community. We understand that developers want to use the tools that best fit their experience, skills and application requirements, and our goal is to enable that choice. In the identity space, we enable this choice in an open and transparent manner, leveraging open standards and protocols, as well as open libraries that the community can consume and build upon.

As part of this philosophy, today we are announcing that we will provide our developer libraries, as open source software in partnership with Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.  We are starting this effort by releasing our JSON Web Token Handler for .NET source code, currently available as a NuGet, to the world.

You can access this code by going here:

In addition, today we are opening our alpha quality software repositories for iOS and Android, for you to help us out as we develop these ADAL libraries. We welcome your participation and review, as we build out these libraries for developers to leverage Azure Active Directory on their favorite mobile platforms. We have a lot of cool things coming in the future regarding these platforms, so we'd love for you to join in and help us develop these great features.

For iOS ADAL Alpha Source Code, go here:

For Android ADAL Alpha Source Code, go here:

Through the next few months, we continue to release other libraries, and their supporting documentation, as we work with MS OpenTech. This includes the ADAL libraries for .Net and Windows RT that we've already released, as well as new ADAL libraries for node.js, Java, and PHP. We will continue to release signed builds for those that require it.

As always, feel free to provide any feedback by messaging @brandwe on GitHub or sending feedback to the team using @WindowsAzureAD on Twitter.

We look forward to working with you to make Windows Azure and Azure Active Directory the best platform for developers in the world!

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