How ServiceNow and Azure AD are improving the Employee Experience
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ServiceNow was recently named one of our most used apps for the third year in a row, is a new Microsoft Viva (Employee Experience Platform) launch partner, and has been building deep integrations to benefit our joint customers like new employee onboarding. To help you get the most out of ServiceNow with Azure AD and deliver a more seamless experience for your employees, I invited Sasson Jamshidi and Eugene Chuvyrov of ServiceNow to author today’s Voice of the ISV blog. ServiceNow builds solutions to deliver digital workflows and its mission is to make the world of work, work better for people.


Transform your workflows for employee productivity, securely with ServiceNow.

By Sasson Jamshidi & Eugene Chuvyrov, Strategic Technology Alliance Architects at ServiceNow


As the top-ranked app in the Azure AD app gallery by monthly active users for the third year in a row, ServiceNow and Microsoft have many mutual customers who deploy and use Azure AD with their ServiceNow solutions. Last July, Microsoft shared a community post summarizing some of the vision for our identity-related integrations. We have since built on that to make lives easier for IT and business users alike, especially to support people during the pandemic. Given Microsoft’s announcement earlier this month of the new employee experience platform (EXP) with Microsoft Viva, including the Viva integrations with ServiceNow, this blog post will focus on employee experiences we have created together. We'll follow up with a blog post in the coming months on how to best secure and manage your environment with ServiceNow and Azure AD.


To get started, check out this short video overview of the Azure AD and ServiceNow integrations.


Extensibility to enable business processes

To streamline businesses processes and improve workflows, low-code developers can easily connect to and leverage Azure AD functionality from the ServiceNow IntegrationHub. IntegrationHub contains an ever-growing set of code libraries, also known as "spokes," that allow for a low-code way to work with users and groups in Azure AD.


With ServiceNow and the Azure AD spoke built on Microsoft Graph, our customers can securely deliver workflows across organizations, silos, and systems. They can create a seamless enterprise system of actions that boosts productivity and enable a great employee and customer experience. This includes automation of Azure AD tasks when user requests occur in ServiceNow, which our customers see as a “single pane of glass” for getting what they need, when they need it. For example, users can interact with a Virtual Agent chatbot within Microsoft Teams to resolve common employee requests including password resets, Azure AD group assignments or licenses requests for applications like Office 365. Employee lifecycle events, such as enterprise onboarding and offboarding is also a top use case and we will dive into that in the next part.


Our teams are working together to continuously update and add new workflows, so let us know if you have suggestions for how to make your lives and the lives of your employees easier!


Learn more here: Automating common ServiceNow-Microsoft workflows just got easier


Streamline workflows to increase IT and HR efficiency with onboarding

The combination of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery and Azure AD can help improve productivity and give customers more time to focus on strategic initiatives. The integration between ServiceNow HR Service Delivery and Azure AD helps manage identity lifecycle events like enterprise onboarding and offboarding and can streamline the employee service experience. For example, automated onboarding workflows can be automatically launched when a new employee profile is created in Azure AD. When an onboarding case is created in ServiceNow, the hiring manager receives a task to assign business roles for the new hire. Once assigned, IT teams can automatically provision the right set of resources and applications with Azure AD for a great first-day experience.

Learn more by watching the Ignite 2020 session starting at 13:35: Bridge the gap between HR, IT and business with Azure Active Directory or get started with the new hire onboarding documentation.


Additional ServiceNow and Microsoft integrations to improve the employee experience

We’re continuing to collaborate with Microsoft to deliver amazing experiences for IT admins and employees that result in productivity gains. In December, we shared new native workflows for managing tickets or tasks from ServiceNow in Microsoft Teams and the initiation of Teams meetings with ticket requesters directly from ServiceNow. Both of these rely on identity with Azure AD. Recent announcements with Teams is another example of how we’ve been able to deliver experiences that improve incident management and agent collaboration to help drive faster case resolution.


Get Started

The employee experience is critical now, more than ever, so having partners like ServiceNow helping our customers with their digital workflows is an incredible value add that we look forward to improving upon together.


To help you get started with integrating ServiceNow with Azure AD review our single-sign-on and automated user provisioning documentation. You can also visit to see all the latest identity and access management resources from Microsoft and ServiceNow, like this solution brief.


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