CloudKnox acquisition: what’s available now and what’s coming soon
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Howdy Folks,


It’s been a couple of months since we announced the acquisition of CloudKnox Security and our teams have been hard at work integrating the CloudKnox technology. I am thrilled to see the excitement and the interest this news has generated. Many of you have reached out with questions so I’ll share an update on our progress and answer some of these questions.


I’m a current CloudKnox customer. Can I keep using the product?

Absolutely! All current CloudKnox customers will continue to receive sales, engineering, and service support from Microsoft. CloudKnox customers can use the CloudKnox product without interruption of service or a pricing change. Microsoft sales and support will keep delivering and supporting all CloudKnox services to meet your multi-cloud permissions management needs.


Is it possible to try out and/or buy the CloudKnox product now?

Yes, we are expanding our sales and support staff to assist existing and new customers with CloudKnox. If you are a CloudKnox customer or thinking about becoming one, contact your CloudKnox or Microsoft representatives today to learn more about how we can help you with multi-cloud permissions management. You can also ask for a free permission risk assessment of your IT environment or request we contact you.


Now that CloudKnox is part of Microsoft, does that mean it will only support Microsoft Azure and no longer be multi-cloud?

 We know that for many of our enterprise customers have a multi-cloud strategy and they need tools and services that are optimized for managing security and compliance across their entire cloud estate.  We are 100% committed to delivering customers an amazing multi-cloud set of Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management, Identity, and Governance capabilities no matter which clouds they use. In fact, the #1 reason Microsoft purchased CloudKnox was to accelerate our ability to help customers manage their AWS and Google Cloud Platform, and VMware deployments.


What’s next for CloudKnox?

Look forward to hearing more about the product roadmap, and enhancements in the coming months. Microsoft Ignite is also right around the corner. Expect a peek at what the Microsoft and CloudKnox teams have been working on.


I hope you found this short update informative and helpful. As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.






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