Watch: Most popular Azure, IoT and Developer Sessions at Build 2016
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First published on MSDN on Apr 18, 2016

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Dear "Azureans"

Now that Build is becoming a recent memory, and Easter is over, we can all return to the slow awakening of Spring, and implementing all those fresh ideas!

Just to relive some of those wonderful presentations this year, and maybe to enrich you with some you may have missed, below are some of the most popular sessions listed at Channel 9 , that have been viewed to date. I have picked out mostly Azure related sessions but also a mix of IoT and Dev sessions that I loved watching the most.

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Keynote Presentation

A must-watch of course! Great buzz, good to see everyone back, to roll out the circus for another year! :D

Notification Futures: Action Center in the Cloud and the Windows Notification Platform

"Notifications are one of the primary ways you interact with your customers on Windows Platforms. In the next release of Windows 10, Action Center and toast notifications are evolving to help you get the content you care about no matter where you are and to make you more productive than ever with Action Center in the Cloud. Developers will be able to use notification mirroring and forwarding to drive app engagement on Windows even from their apps on other platforms."

Introducing ASP.NET Core 1.0

"Come join Scott Hanselman and let’s learn about the groundbreaking changes in ASP.NET. For the first time ever ASP.NET is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux with a fully cross-platform ASP.NET Core."

Cross-Platform Mobile with Xamarin

"Xamarin and Microsoft empower .NET developers to become native iOS, Android, and Windows mobile app developers overnight. Apps built with Xamarin deliver truly native user experiences, 100% native API access, and native performance."


A Developers Guide to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

"Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a scale out database service designed to answer your ad hoc queries and questions. By spreading your data across distributions SQL Data Warehouse is designed for analytics at scale. To make the most of your database there are opportunities to tailor your table design and optimize for performance. This session will cover the fundamentals of data distribution, table design and query optimization; helping you to deliver the best performance for your solution."

Building Resilient Services: Learning Lessons from Azure with Mark Russinovich

"Mark will cover best practices, tips and lessons learned in Azure to help developers avoid making the same mistakes with their cloud-scale deployments using IaaS and PaaS. This will include a look behind the scenes at some of Azure’s internals, too."

Azure Service Fabric for Developers

"Come learn about the building highly available, low latency applications using a microservices approach that can be deployed into Service Fabric clusters running in different environments including Microsoft Azure, on premises with Windows Server or other clouds."

Building Cross-Platform Enterprise Mobile Apps with Visual Studio and Azure App Service

"Great apps run on any device and connect to the cloud. Learn how Azure App Service helps build great connected mobile experiences, including single sign-on, push notifications, offline data sync, and connectivity to on-premises systems. Use Mobile App client SDKs to build a native experience on multiple platforms, including Xamarin, Windows, iOS, and Android."

IoT Development 1: Intro to Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 3

Did you know Windows 10 runs on the Raspberry Pi? (PL - of course you did!)
In this lab, get hands-on experience building a UWP app which runs on tiny devices. Learn how to build, deploy, and debug your app, and how to configure the device.

Bring a Web App to Windows in Under 5 Minutes with Windows App Studio

A bite-sized video. "Recorded session will cover a walkthrough of converting a web app into a Windows Hosted Web App (~2:30min) and will mention how to extend in vs to add more advanced functionality (2 min)."

Introducing Azure Functions

Yey, here it is folks!

"Azure Functions introduces an event driven, compute-on-demand experience that builds on Azure’s market leading PaaS platform. Come and experience how Azure Functions extends the existing WebJobs infrastructure to let you easily implement code in a variety of languages that reacts to events generated from across the breadth of Azure services, SaaS products, and on-premises systems. See how you can build and deploy Azure Functions written in JavaScript, C#, Python and PHP using an intuitive, browser-based user interface to respond to events generated by Blob Storage, Table Storage, Azure Queues, Service Bus, Event Hubs, HTTP Requests or Timers. Azure Functions ushers in a new option for PaaS development, don’t miss out on being the first to experience it!! "

Building MicroServices with Service Fabric

"MicroServices are on everyone's mind, come learn from the Service Fabric team why 25min is enough to get you excited on what we have to offer for your productivity "

Data Science on Azure

A great breakdown of "data stuffz" with Seth Juarez, Lara Rubbelke, Matthew Winkler.

Azure IoT: Today... AND TOMORROW!

Seth Juarez joshing with Sam George and Cameron Skinner about "Eyeot" - hmm, that pronunciation just won't catch on!

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I hope you liked my selection of Azure, IoT and developer presentations from this year's Build.

Best regards,
Peter Laker

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