Azure Advocates Weekly Round Up with Turnips!
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Another great week of Azure blogs, videos and podcasts from the team.  Learn how to build a reminder for Turnip time, more GraphQL on AppService, IoT for July and much more!


Content Round Up

Building an Animal Crossing Turnip Timer!
Chloe Condon

Have you started playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on your Nintendo Switch? Do you keep forgetting to buy turnips every Sunday? Looking for a fun & easy project that will help remind you when to start searching for Daisy Mae? :thinking_face::money_bag::chart_increasing:

No problem! We made a Courier + Azure Function problem to solve that!


The Future of Xamarin
Brandon Minnick

Talk "The Future of Xamarin" by Brandon Minnick from Microsoft at the first day of mDevCamp Online.


Download New Azure Architecture Icons now!
Thomas Maurer

With the latest Azure Portal refresh, Microsoft Azure got some new icons as well. If you want to draw some Azure architecture diagrams you can now download the latest Azure Architecture Icons from the Azure Architecture Center.

What’s shutting down my VM?
Sonia Cuff

This post details the shutdown causes/triggers as well as runs through the Auto-shutdown support for Azure VMs. Sonia shares the steps she used to find a resolution to address the issue.

GraphQL on Azure: Part 2 - App Service
Aaron Powell

In this post we'll look at how we can deploy a .NET GraphQL server into an Azure App Service using GraphQL .NET.

Stronger Together: Datos Interview
David Smith

Israel-based startup Datos Health provides a telemedicine platform, and has seen tremendous growth following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. In this interview, CEO Uri Bettish shares how Datos scaled to provide “virtual clinics” to monitor COVD-19 patients at home.

Managing Your Hybrid Cloud using Azure Arc with Thomas Maurer – RunAsRadio PodCast
Thomas Maurer

We all have a hybrid cloud solution - how do you manage it? Richard chats with Thomas Maurer about Azure Arc, a tool in the Azure suite for managing virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters, and data services in Azure, your on-premises servers, even other cloud providers! Thomas talks about how IT folks end up with an array of tools for managing servers depending on the location and how Azure Arc ends that. Arc provides location-independent access to all your resources, and it's in preview now, so free to use (although you may have to pay for additional Log Analytics data)... check it out!

Getting started with Azure Data Explorer using the Go SDK
Abhishek Gupta

With the help of an example, this blog post will walk you through how to use the Azure Data explorer Go SDK to ingest data from a Azure Blob storage container and query it programmatically using the SDK. After a quick overview of how to setup Azure Data Explorer cluster (and a database), we will explore the code to understand what's going on (and how) and finally test the application using a simple CLI interface

What’s New in the Azure Hybrid Space?
Thomas Maurer

This week I had the honor to be on Mary Jo Foley podcast called MJFChat on and talk about what’s new in the Azure Hybrid space. This was the perfect time since we had some great Hybrid Cloud announcements this week during Microsoft Inspire, especially when it comes to Azure Stack HCI.

Tartine & Tech: VSCode Remote Development Extension
Yohan Lasorsa

In this episode, Yohan talks about the Remote Dev Extensions in VSCode. Find out how to open your project in a container, a remove machine or in WSL.



Azure Mini Fun Bytes: How to setup Azure Blob Storage
Anthony Bartolo

In this post, Jay Gordon walks through steps to setup Azure Blob Storage.

JulyOT Learn IoT Live Stream Series Episode 4 - Café Dev
Christopher Maneu

Are you a developer and curious about IoT? Want to learn how you can create IoT solutions:globe_with_meridians:? Let's do this together in July! Join me each Thursday 5pm CET/8am PST to learn how to create IoT solutions. Follow along with online exercises on Microsoft Learn and ask your questions live!

:blue_book:Episode 4 menu Today, we'll see how you can easily make sense of timed data with a Time Series database. For this, we'll use Azure Time Series Insights, a managed time-services database.

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