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Using monorepos to increase velocity during early stages of product development | Creating Startups
David Smith

This is a guest post by Victor Savkin, co-founder of Nrwl. Read more about Victor and his company at the end of this article. Building a new product requires a lot of experimentation. Applications appear, disappear, merge, divide. Code has to be shared.


COVID-19 and Mining Social Media - Enabling Machine Learning Workloads with Big Data
Adi Polak

In this article, the author discusses how to enable machine learning workloads with big data to query and analyze COVID-19 tweets to understand social sentiment towards COVID-19.


Rabia Williams

Workshop content and sample code from the Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp in October 2020 focused on building an emergency response center with Teams and SharePoint - OfficeDev/M365Bootcamp-TeamsEmergencyResponse


Beginners Guide to MS Teams Development #2: Bots
Tomomi Imura

Hello, I hope you enjoyed my previous tutorial on how to get started with Microsoft Teams development.


Azure Stack Hub Partner Solutions Series – Umbrellar
Thomas Maurer

Umbrellar is a cloud based company focused on empowering their customers and resellers in making the most of the Azure and Azure Stack Hub clouds and create value to their end-customers in a multi-tenant


Power Platform with John Liu
Rabia Williams

Power Platform with John Liu


Linting Bicep Codes in DevOps Pipeline - ARM TTK
Justin Yoo

Let's have a look at the Project Bicep and ARM Template Toolkit, and GitHub Actions for both. What is Bicep? The ARM Template DSL Linting Bicep Codes in


First Look at Azure Backup Centre
Sarah Lean

Let's take a first look at Azure Backup Centre, which was a product announced at Microsoft Ignite 2020. Azure Backup Centre -


Microsoft 365 PnP Weekly - Episode 99 - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
Waldek Mastykarz

Connect to the latest conferences, training, and blog posts for Microsoft 365, Office client, and SharePoint developers. Join the Microsoft 365 Developer Program.


The Syntax Difference Between Python and PowerShell
Anthony Bartolo

Which scripting language is better? Python or PowerShell? Both are great but what are the syntax differences?


3 Ways Mapping APEX Domains to Azure Functions
Justin Yoo

This post discusses how to map APEX domains to Azure Functions instance in three different ways.


Azure App Service Publish Profile - GitHub Marketplace
Justin Yoo

Retrieve or reset the publish profile of Azure Web App or Functions App in XML format


Microsoft Teams chat history and controlling presenters!
Sarah Lean

I've been fielding a lot of questions from friends and family around how to work effectively within Microsoft Teams lately, let's have a look at those questions and their answers!


Azure + Spring Boot = Serverless - Q&R Avec Julien Dubois
Julien Dubois

Julien Dubois a expérimenté le support de Spring Boot sur Azure Functions, à la fois avec la JVM et avec GraalVM. InfoQ l'a contacté pour approfondir son expérience sur ce sujet.


Recording Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud Virtual Event ☁:television:
Thomas Maurer

Recording from our Live Session Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud Virtual Event. In this session, you will learn about the unique approach from Microsoft about Az...


Contributing to open source projects: contributors etiquette
Tania Allard

The way we collaborate and interact with others can make a huge difference in getting your contributions merged, belonging to a project or a community. This post was written to help you keep your communications and interactions in open-source cordial and effective. Tagged with beginners, opensource, hacktoberfest.


Learn JavaScript with this series of videos for beginners
Yohan Lasorsa

Learn the foundations you need to know to start coding with JavaScript by watching this free series of videos for beginners. Tagged with javascript, beginners, webdev, node.


AndroidSummit2020 - Modern Android Apps & Dual Screen Experiences!
Nitya Narasimhan

Join me Oct 8-9 at #AndroidSummit to learn about dual screen, multi-posture, Surface Duo Dev and modern mobile experiences!. 


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