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Microsoft 365 Defender Ninja Training: January 2021 update
Published Jan 27 2021 05:47 PM 12.3K Views

To usher in the new year, we are happy to announce a change in the blog name to Microsoft 365 Defender Ninja Training to coincide with the product name change.

Also, in addition to several updates to Microsoft 365 Defender Ninja training, we've included a dedicated section focusing on the Solorigate cyberattack to help you defend your environment against this and future supply chain attacks.


If you want to refresh your knowledge and get updated, here is what has been added since the last update:



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What's new

Security Operations Fundamentals

Module 1. Technical overview

Security Operations Fundamentals

Module 2. Getting started 

Security Operations Fundamentals

Module 3. Investigation – Incident 

Security Operations Intermediate

Module 2. Investigation 

Security Operations Intermediate:

Module 3. Advanced hunting 


The following is not part of the Ninja training, but definitely worth a read:



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