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I have been experiencing a number of discrepancies within my social footprint.  I have had 5 operations L5-S1 + plus both hips replaced in the two years. Bedridden and honestly limited tech/computer experience.  Here is the bullet point hacked outline:


1. Google Calendar Hidden google meet sex bookings

2, Located Power Automate Hidden App Level that was directing all my personal and professional data to unknown locations

3. I had little or no control with Apps

4. They connected hidden local hook up website 

5. They would have group hook ups on my skype account 

7. They were communicating through Forwarding POP/IMAP 

8. They filtered message spam phone number and emails

9. Using Azure to coordinate revenue accounting dada

10. Found out that they altered windows, so I didn't see any of this activity

11. 95% of this activity took place on Windows 10.

12. Once I upgraded to 11 This all opened up. 

13. There is tons of other stuff


Believe it or not my device is still not registered to windows 11


I'm lost and need some direction and help




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