Quarantined/Isolated device - exclude network traffic

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Hi All,


We are having MDE plan 2 and would like to know if we can set exclusions to network traffic when a device is quarantined/isolated. I want the exclusion to be set to our Blob container so that we can upload artifacts from the device to the container when quarantined.


Can we do this ?


Thanks !!

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Hello @abon13,


On Windows 10, version 1709 or later, you can choose to enable Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Skype for Business connectivity (a.k.a 'Selective Isolation').


Currently, selective isolation supports the above applications only and you cannot define additional exclusions. 


You can contact support to request allowing specific traffic (IP ranges, etc..) if needed. This will be a backend configuration change.


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Not sure if I got the right support team, but they are saying it can't be done. Is there a specific support team I should be requesting for ?
If you know about the backend config changes, could you please let me know.

Thanks !!

Hello @abon13,


Please message me the support request number.


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