Defender Settings in Intune - no logical order?

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Hi Folks,


Just asking some potentially dumb q's here.

We've already been thru a few deployments - but we are now helping a Tier 1 customer with planning in a lot of detail to replace Symantec with Defender ATP and as part of this we are going in to a lot of granular detail about the various settings.


It's one thing to detail this all in a design/planning guide specifically relating to the customer's own environment, then unpack and compare like-for-like the Symantec settings to ensure that you have this accurate, *BUT* then when you try to co-relate this to the settings listed in Intune we find the the individual settings are all jumbled up - there is no logical sequence - and by this we mean it's not even in alphabetical order for goodnes sake...


Even something like "Real-time monitoring" and "On-access protection" although they sound very much alike they are spaced apart, and why do we have 36 settings all in one spot like this with no apparent logical order or seperation?


This may seem like a somewhat petty piece of feedback - but when you have more than 3 - 4 people all pouring over the same information and trying to make sense of this (in this context) and ensure we get the right outcome it's a very real UI issue - please see screen grab below



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@David Caddick You should look at the new enpoint security portal, its much easier and straight forward. I just posted my video on this and hope to continue this series.