Defender for Endpoint Server SKU - is it still valid?

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Currently, customers can use Defender for Servers in Azure to onboard servers on-prem, Azure, and other cloud.


If a customer (within CSP) has purchased a Defender for Endpoint Server license, please would you let me know:


a) is this (Defender for Endpoint Server) still a valid license?  (We assume this is the case, as it's still included in the Microsoft Price File we receive from Microsoft at the start of each month.)


b) can they use Defender for Endpoint Server, as well as Defender for Servers (concurrently)?


c) if they just want to use Defender for Servers, what happens about the duplication of cost for the Defender for Endpoint Server license?



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@hmannila2021 we got our Defender for Endpoint Server from our CSP and it just got renewed 7 days ago. I just added some new licenses and that worked as well.

Thank you for letting me know, Sven.
We don't know for certain yet, but we believe it is / near to, end of life. However, it’s still included in the Price Files Microsoft send us at the start of each calendar month. The conclusion at the moment is that for any customer already purchasing this license, they can purchase additional licenses. But for any customer not already purchasing this license, they should use Defender for Servers (even if they only have on-prem servers), or Defender for Business Servers.
I'm still waiting for Microsoft Support to confirm this.
I hope this wil not change for existing customers. Buying these licenses from our CSP is cheaper for us then getting Defender for Cloud in our pay as you go Azure Subscription. Depending on Azure ARC is another issue i dont like.
Hi Sven - Microsoft Support have confirmed Defender for Endpoint Servers has been end of life since September 2022, so that license can only be renewed (but not purchased for customers new to it).