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New Blog | Microsoft Defender for Open-Source Relational Databases Now Supports Multicloud (AWS RDS)


By Thomas Zou 



Many organizations use multiple cloud providers today, which makes security misconfigurations more likely due to the solution scale and complexity. Moreover, different practices and concepts among each cloud provider’s implementation create bigger internal knowledge gaps.


No matter how many cloud providers an organization uses, a database is the core of each application, storing the organization’s most valuable data: PII, financial and payment information, medical information, and other sensitive data. This makes databases the most attractive attack target for any threat actor – from inside or outside.


Even though there is more awareness of exposure misconfigurations (thanks to cybersecurity education and posture management products that reveal these issues), public datasets show that the most risky database misconfiguration - exposing databases to the internet is not going down. This fact emphasizes the importance of threat protection that will act as a last line of defense and help detect, in near real-time, attacks that endanger databases and the critical data they contain.




Internet exposed databases count through time.

(Source: Time series · General statistics · The Shadowserver Foundation)




Microsoft Defender for open-source relational databases have been long focusing on providing comprehensive protection for Azure databases.


Read the full post here:  Microsoft Defender for Open-Source Relational Databases Now Supports Multicloud (AWS RDS)

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