Have anyone integrated Dynamics 365 with Defender for Cloud Apps?

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There are 2 Dynamics 365 apps available in Defender for Cloud Apps. What is the difference between these 2. We can configure conditional access app control for one but not the other. Also, the conditional access app control Dynamics app not working in Inprivate mode, it keeps asking for sign-in






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@RAJAKUMAR SELVARAJ The "Dynamics 365" App Connector is like a tool that helps us see what users are doing and find any security issues or threats in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. It does this by putting information from event logs into Defender for Cloud Apps. For us system administrators, this means we get detailed insights to support security rules and control who can access apps. It's like the engine that finds risks, watches how things are done, and manages who can use apps.


Now, let's talk about the "Microsoft Cloud App Security" App Proxy App. This is a bit different. Its main job is to make sure people can securely access internal Dynamics 365 apps through the Microsoft Cloud App Security service. Think of it as a guard making sure access is secure. The thing to note is that it doesn't give data to Defender for Cloud Apps. So, while it's great for secure remote access, we can't use it to set up certain rules for app access.


Now, about the InPrivate browsing issue – it seems connected to how the Dynamics proxy app works, not the Defender for Cloud Apps connector itself. There might be some extra rules for logging in that aren't met when using InPrivate mode.