WORD saving very slowly on large document

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Hello.  I have a 3,400 page Word document.  When it is saved either automatically or when I save it myself, it takes about 10 seconds to finish saving.  Is there any way to improve the speed of this?


2021 iMac, Apple M1 chip, 8 GB Memory, running OS Ventura 13.5.2

Microsoft Word for Mac, Version 16.76.1


If you know a way to make Word save this document faster, I'd really appreciate it.
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How's the size of WORD file?

I would suggest to compress the file size:






Thank you so very much! That sounds like the way to go and I'll learn how to do it. The long save time has been really irritating and a big time-waster. Thanks again!
I forgot to add: the file size of the Word doc is 19.6 MB.
I have to thank you again - I compressed and went from 19.6MB to 7.6MB and Word responds perfectly again now. A major hassle is gone thanks to you!



You are welcome, we are glad to support in always here in this community!