Where to get support? Microsoft has the worse customer service I have ever experienced.

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There is no customer support, period. 

I have called 12 times over the last 4 weeks to try and resolve my issue.

The problem: I am the only global admin on my Office 365 account. I am locked out. I use a password manager so the password was saved. However, it doesn't work. I proceeded with the password reset. This does not work. The email it asks to send the password reset to is 'not valid'. The phone number I used to sign up is 'not valid'. Both are correct. I checked these carefully when I signed up. 

While the people I speak to are polite and try to assist me, I repeat myself on every call and never get to the bottom of it. Each time I am transferred to the data protection department and each time they say they will call me back 'today'.  I have not had one phone call from them despite giving my phone number to the person on the phone each time. I received one email from them on the 4th of January to ask for the best number to contact me on. This is despite having provided the phone number seven times by that point. I have not had a reply to the email that I sent in response. I now simply wish to cancel everything. 

I never, EVER have issues with customer service with any business as I know people generally do their best to help resolve whatever the situation is. However, I cannot call this any sort of customer service or support. There is absolutely zero. As one of the world's largest companies in tech I assumed they would have better systems in place.

I called three times today. The first time, a friendly enough guy answered and provided me with a phone number to call the data protection department which I later found I could not use as I'm outside the US. I've been calling from Skype. To speak with someone from the data protection team I must call from the number which I signed up for the account with. I'm not prepared to be charged astronomical international phone call fees to get through to a department I have little faith in getting a resolution from. If there an alternative number to directly call the data protection department for free, from Vietnam, I'd like to know. I cannot find it.

The second time I tried calling back only to be left on the call with no response whatsoever. Someone answered because I could hear the background noise in the contact centre. I then called again. The same thing happened.

Respectfully, please someone from support who can help with my situation please contact me. I am a new small business owner and this has taken countless hours to still not get a resolution. As far as I am aware, I am still paying for my 365 email accounts that I cannot access. I simply want to cancel everything at this point.

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No respond yet from Microsoft Support portal yet also?

@Kidd_Ip I can't submit a ticket for Office 365 I need to login with my business email address. However, the issue I'm having to begin with is that I can't access my account. A drop-down menu asks what product I'm having an issue with and proceeds to divert me to the Office 365 login page for the best assistance. Which I can't login to lol.