Teams meeting locations keep changing after being edited

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I have a hangup about the fact that a Teams meeting has, by default, a location set to 'Microsoft Teams Meeting'. The word Microsoft is not required, and Meeting should not have an uppercase letter M. 


When I'm invited to a Teams meeting I change the location to 'Teams meeting'. However, some of them (but not all of them) will revert back to 'Microsoft Teams Meeting' overnight.


This has also happened on other meetings where the chairperson has entered an address improperly, I've changed it, added the postcode, etc... but then overnight it's gone back to their original (incorrect) address. 

What's going on, what causes this?

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Not quit get it, you are saying the 'Microsoft Teams meeting' generated automatically after 'New Teams Meeting' click?

Someone sends me an invitation to a Teams meeting and the location is set to 'Microsoft Teams Meeting'. I accept it and then change the location to 'Teams meeting'. Overnight, without anyone doing anything, and without the invitation being re-issued, the location will revert back to 'Microsoft Teams Meeting'.