Support Request Ignored - How to escalate

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How do I escalate an ignored (5 days and counting) support request? There is no escalation information in the canned auto-reply; I created it on December 21 am and have not heard back since then. It might be the problem with the Chinese 3rd party staff that Microsoft is using nowadays, that by itself is a problem also, but for a different threat and a different reason. I need a way to escalate this to get support for my M365 E5 subscription.

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Which program your subscription purchased? Through EA or CSP?

As mentioned in the post, M365 E5 - no, I do not use a CSP and do not have an EA; however, that should not mean that Microsoft can ignore support requests now, should it? Do you know a generic escalation email? I know that the escalation email is mentioned in the signatures of support agents (manager's email), but it never even got to the point where I got ANY reply.