Roles For Quick Access/Responsibility Assignment

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It would be great if there were "focused" roles that could quickly be assigned to select users so that they can manage the following for the entire organisation or even where you could select up to most of the users in an organisation which you can manage the following for.


-Meeting responses (there are times when persons within the organisation might respond via email rather than accept/decline a meeting in response to a meeting). This would be a great focused role, only supplying the feature/capability required


-Mailbox delegation: A role should be created that can quickly provide such persons holding such responsibility as managing a users mailbox whilst they are out of office. Such a feature could provide ability to choose whether to automatically enable access when a user is out of office only or at all times. It would also be great for those requiring management OOO user mailboxes for the entire organisation if so required.


I'm sure there are other possible focused roles also.

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