Power Point File increase in size

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I have a user trying to make a presentation on Power Point, but is getting impossible as, every time she just opens the file, it increases the size of the file by itself, it doesn't have any link or Macros, it just uses ThinkCell, but I already tried to uninstall it, without any success. 
It's bizarre, because I just opened a new Power Point, copied some of the slides (not all of them) and the Power Point I just started and has the same slides, but not all of the slides of her first presentation and it is even bigger than the first one.
It is happening to all of the files for her, even the ones she gets from other people. I tried to get her a new laptop, but didn't help with anything.

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There are several reasons on Power Point File size is increasing, for your situation, please try take a look at EMBEDDED CHARTS & OBJECTS and UNUSED SLIDE MASTERS & LAYOUTS