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all of a sudden when I click th office app on my taskbar and select Outlook, it now opens outlook in a web browser, it used to open the full 365 Outlook as an application. ,


If I search for outlook click the windows tab in the corner of the screen and select Outlook it opens up no problem 

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@Mawdz09 I have the same issue after running an update. It has wiped my previous email files and only wants to import gmail files. I have tried to recover my previous Outlook email files without success. I will be interested to hear any advice.

@Mawdz09 I have the same problem with Outlook and also with Word and Excel.  Anyone have an answer?



Same here :\

@Mawdz09 Has anyone gotten an answer on this?

Hey @Mawdz09 ,


On first glance, it looks like the taskbar icon got corrupted, try removing the icon from task bar first, right click the icon> unpin from task bar. Next search for outlook, right click outlook app in search results and pin to taskbar.

I am having the same issue.   This is a computer that is shared by differing shifts, and they all go straight to Web Version of O-365.

I have uninstalled, wiped all shortcuts and reinstalled.  This is still occurring.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I am having the same issue. This is on a computer that is shared by differing shifts, and they all go straight to Web Version of O-365 (so do I when signing in on this computer).
I have uninstalled, wiped all shortcuts and reinstalled.
This is still occurring. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



I think the key is to set the taskbar shortcut icon to load the Outlook.exe (or other office exe) file.  Right click on the icon, select properties, and set it to wherever your copy of outlook.exe is located, something like this: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\OUTLOOK.EXE".

From what I saw, after opening Outlook click on the 3 dots at the top of the screen and choose Uninstall. Then make sure you have all other editions of outlook removed in control panel other than your primary outlook 365. (I use business edition so I remove all prior versions when setting up new computers.) type outlook in the search bar afterwards and run. Worked for me afterwards.
I followed your tip & everything works now so thx you

@OldRock I have the same problem. All my Office apps are now opening in the browser. i also noticed they are automatically saving to One Drive so I think that may be the problem!

That was the solution for me
thank you


Make sure the toggle for "try the new Outlook" button isn't turned on.  It's in the top right corner of the Outlook application.  This is what was causing it for one of my clients.



- Open Outlook.

- Then, at the top on the right hand side, turn off "try the new outlook" option. 



- Choose any option for the feedback.

- Close and restart Outlook.