Outlook 365 - Deleting Multiple Emails from a Sender all at Once?

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I am new to Outlook 365 and coming from Office for Mac 2011.  My question is, how do you delete multiple emails from the same sender without doing them one by one?  In my Outlook for Mac 2011 I was able to sort by from, collapse the conversation and then click the collapsed conversation and delete all associated emails.  With Outlook 365, it doesn't appear to give me that option and I can only delete one at a time.  Any direction or help would be appreciated.  Thanks

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By Office 365 do you mean the webmail, OWA? You can mark multiple adjusted messages by holding the Shift key, or individual messages by holding the CTRL key. You can also use the individual checkmarks that appear when you hover over the profile picture of the sender. Once you have multiple messages selected, you will see the Delete option on the right.

@Vasil Michev  I download Office 365 to my MacBook and use Outlook for email with a hotmail address.  In my past version of Office for Mac 2011, while in Outlook I could just collapse the email conversation from say Sender "X" (which may have had 20 emails in it) and delete the whole conversation without needing to individually delete each email in the conversation.  Almost like a batch delete for that email group.  Whole interface is foreign with the 365 subscription version and kind of frustrating.