Onenote : Importing .onetoc2 into a separate notebook

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Hello, my boss posted his .onetoc2 (Table of Contents) to one of our shared drives recently. I clicked on this small file that's only 7 KB in size. After doing that Onenote started to import a TON of data into my existing onenote and after about 5 hours it was still importing data due to the large amount of information he had in it. I cancelled the import because it was making a mess of my existing Onenote. After cancelling it it left a "misplaced sections" at the bottom of onenote and when I was searching my Onenote for key words it would take a lot longer due to all the data from his Onenote.  Today I went in and deleted each section by following this.  After I removed all the misplaced sections my search results using "CTRL E" is much faster! For some reason I had to manually deleted all the .one files it left behind in AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\16.0\Backup\Misplaced Sections. 


So, I wanted to see if I can create a new/separate onenote using his .onetoc2 that will be completely separate from mine so don't have overlapping search results from his notebooks and mine. 

Also, I'm using the Thick Client application for my onenote. I would also like to know if I can somehow remove this section that shows up in my Sync.  "EMV Training Materials".

I'll probably have to try his import on a slow day since it will take a long time to import all that data.

Thanks for any pro-tips or suggestions. 

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Quick update. I was able to remove the section that wasn't syncing correctly so I don't need help with that. Thanks for any ideas on importing my boss .onetoc2 in a clean format separate from my onenote notebook.