O365 linking to incorrect email for new user

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I have recently setup a new O365 tenant and have integrated a new domain. This appear to be successful, but I am having problems with the admin account used to create it.


The original user account used to setup the tenant, email address removed for privacy reasons, was updated to the new domain , with a primary email address of email address removed for privacy reasons and I can use this to successfully log into Office.com.

However, when launching Outlook or Teams from office.com, I noticed that it is still referencing the email address removed for privacy reasons account in the url. Trying to log in directly using the teams.microsoft.com or outlook.office.com also fails.

For example, with outlook.office.com, I can login and authenticate but are then presented back with the "Pick an account to continue to Outlook"...  email address removed for privacy reasons just loops back to that page and email address removed for privacy reasons errors with "This username may be incorrect."

Any thoughts on how to resolve this ? 

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Are you using back the same browser session? The email address you use to login with previous domain will remembered in the existing browser cached. You can try login using private browser to make sure every login is successful to your outlook, OneDrive and Teams. This is quite common happen for those that have multiple login account or change domain account.

You can consider to delete the cached and cookies in your current browser setting so it will not route back to old domain.

steps to remove cache in google chrome https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop

steps to remove cache in Microsoft Edge https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/view-and-delete-browser-history-in-microsoft-edge...

Hope this helps.