Migrate Microsoft 365 tenant to another (new) tenant on the same local Active Directory (AD Connect)

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Our customer wants to move from old to new microsoft tenant. 

Their set-up is :

- They have on-Prem servers with active directory

- The old tenant is synced with AD Connect, only used for users. 

- They uses mailboxes, OneDrive, OneNote, etc... 


They need to migrate to new microsoft tenant. They need the next scenario: 

- On-Prem servers will keep existing with AD Connect (users must be created by AD Connect)

- AD Connect must synchronize Users and Devices from local active directory

- Mailboxes/OneDrive/OneNote must be migrated to new tenant

- Configured Intune / Defender for Endpoint / etc...

- Security improvements (MFA, DKIM, ATP, etc...) 


I'm busy with preparing to make this goes smooth with most less downtime. So, I have the right to use a migration tool which makes I can do the pre-migration things. That's not a problem for me. But my main problem is: 
I still need to use AD Connect, because they have on-premise server. I think I can install multiple AD Connect (ofcourse on different servers). But I don't get it how to create users without having a domainname? Because you can use 1 domainname for 1 tenant? What's the best way to make this smooth? 

If you have more advises, let me know, too much advises is not a problem! 


Thanks in advance! 

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the combination of these 3 tools addresses your need:

You can perform your migration with a solution like this:

For detaching and reattaching the domain I would suggest to use this feature during the detaching operation

Intune and laptop migration